Following the success of the 1,500 mile Land’s End to John o’Groat’s run the original Charging Bullet is now in regular service as planned; covering 35 eco-friendly miles a day, whenever the British winter weather permits. The film of the journey is into post-production and should be available in the spring of next year but  Spaven-Engineering‘s Charging Bullet conversion services are now available.


We offer three levels of service:

A. Bits and Pieces: The Charging Bullet originated as a plan to build an affordable electric motorcycle: cheaper than a Zero but much better than a Chinese scooter, and with far more character than both put together! The most economic way to do this is to build the bike yourself. Electric drive is actually much simpler than internal combustion and with a low-voltage (48V) battery, the bullet is perfectly safe to work on at home. All specialist parts are available, along with help and advice, wiring diagrams, and links to suppliers for the main components. The cost of converting your own Enfield should come to around £5,000.

B. The Full Monty: Ride your Enfield Bullet into the workshop and leave the rest to us. We’ll remove the existing engine and gearbox, fit our specially designed subframe in its place and fill it with batteries and electronics. As each bike and owner is different, all parts are made to order and individual requirements can easily be accommodated. If you want more power and longer range or a lighter bike to play off-road; we can make it happen. This conversion service will add another £2,500+ to the cost of the basic parts, depending on the options chosen and the state of the donor bike.

C. Something Completely different: The Enfield Bullet makes a great base for an electric conversion with it’s solid, simple frame and good parts availability but it’s not the only one. Not all bikes are created equal, but many different motorcycles would make excellent foundations on which to build something a little bit special. How about a 100hp silent cruiser? A torquey trials machine? Or a tyre shredding sprint bike? Whether you have a specific design in mind or would rather let me come up with some ideas to meet your specification, I’d love to chat.


Whatever your electric dreams, get in touch with Fred:

01885 482218